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The new wave of Irish immigration to Canada

The real reason this castle is empty: its inhabitants left to Canada.

The real reason this castle is empty: its inhabitants left to Canada.

Emigration has been Ireland’s traditional response to economic woes.  During a brief period as the ‘Celtic Tiger,’ Ireland saw the reversal of this trend. Today’s economic problems are inspiring another generation of young Irish to pack up and leave, although the Irish are not arriving en-masse like they did during the Potato Famine of the 1800s.  After mingling in downtown Toronto for even a brief period, one notices that the number of Irish-accents heard has increased sharply in recent years.

Although emigration is a sad phenomenon for Irish locals  (some churches have installed webcams to include emigrants in the congregation) it may actually be an effective way of dealing with austerity.  It certainly has reduced Ireland’s unemployment rate and the burden this places on the state’s finances.  It may also explain why Ireland, despite a history of revolt against British rule, has not seen the uprising against austerity that Greece has. Instead of rioting, Ireland’s disgruntled young unemployed population emigrates.  Thus, this recent wave of migration is good for Ireland.

Irish immigration to Canada is beneficial to Canada as well.  No longer is the typical emigrant a poor laborer,  today he or she is more likely to be a young and frustrated graduate.  By accepting this demographic Canada is adding valuable skills to its population.  Furthermore, it will help counter the demographic problem of retiring baby-boomers.  Adding more young-people will increase the work-force population.  This larger working population will be needed to support a growing proportion of retirees as baby-boomers exit the work-force.  Ottawa appears to have recognised this fact as representatives from government and business have participated in Dublin’s job fairs.  “We are trying to raise the profile of Canada because we have seen huge numbers of highly educated young Irish going to Australia,” said Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in conversation with the Toronto Star.  The government is also increasing the quota of Irish immigrants allowed to enter Canada.

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2 comments on “The new wave of Irish immigration to Canada

  1. vå
    May 8, 2013

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  2. Cathair
    May 19, 2013

    Irish immigration to Canada is Canada’s gain. However, Ireland is loosing its’s Irish population while importing immigrants the country does not nead. they are not alone. All of western Europe has opened the flood gate. Europe is in economic depression an austerity. Young people have a hard time to find real work. The Irish have forgoten their past, thier identity, they are disconnected to the land and who they are. The same is true for the whole western world. This is not good. Only the Irish can same Ireland. they nead a Conn Cead Cathach.( Conn of a Hundred Battles, wh was Ard Ri na Eirin.

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