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Top 5 lessons from the Superbowl hunt

Houston Texans

The road to Superbowl 47 is all but over.  In just under two weeks time we will see either the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers hoist the Lombardi Trophy and claim football’s holy grail.  Before we get ahead of ourselves and start taking sides, let’s take a look back at the top 5 things learned from the 2013 postseason.

5. The Houston Texans have impressed a total of 0 football fans 

Each year the Houston Texans get off to this great start, and analysts everywhere can’t seem to keep it in their pants, calling Houston the greatest team in football.  Well folks, that’s anything but the truth.  Houston can never seem to build momentum heading into the playoffs; they were outscored 110-65 in the final four weeks of the season and all it has done for them is earned them an early exit.  The team’s two playoff wins – both coming against the Cincinnati Bengals in consecutive wild card rounds – have shown that yes they are an above average team.  But a Superbowl contender? Child, please.

Atlanta Falcons

4. The Atlanta Falcons have redeemed themselves 

Heading into this year’s postseason, questions swirled around the NFC’s top seed as to whether they could finally earn their first postseason win in recent memory.  Matt Ryan and Co. have been one-and-done for three consecutive years after dominating the regular season schedule each time.  Well, ‘Matty Ice’ finally proved he can take top form in the postseason.  He threw for 646 yards and 6 TDs in two playoff games.  A remarkable 49ers comeback late in the NFC Championship game is the only thing keeping him and the dirty birds out of February 3’s big contest.  We know the Falcons will be back for the next few years, the only question is will tight end Tony Gonzalez be joining them? I think he’s got one more ride left in him.

AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots

3. The New England Patriots are far from the dynasty they once were

Quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belicheck were a combo that was simply unstoppable in the early 2000s. The duo led their team to a 9-0 postseason record and three Superbowl championships (2001, 2003, 2004).  Following 2004 however, the January magic has begun to fade.  The Patriots are 8-7 in the playoffs since 2004 and are 0-2 in the Superbowl, while Tom Brady has had a mediocre 86.6 passer rating in the 15 playoff games since his last ring.  We know that the Patriots will be back in the postseason as long as Tom Brady is throwing the football, but can he get his 4th ring?  This would certainly name him the undisputed best quarterback of all time.

The Water Works

2. When Ray Lewis knows the cameras are on him, he cries – a lot 

Ray Lewis announced that he would be retiring following the Ravens 2012-2013 campaign.  A shocked football world hoped to see Ray hoist the Lombardi trophy one final time.  I grow weary of this unquestionable support as Ray Lewis continues to ball like a 16-year-old girl who just got stood up at her high school prom.  There’s a difference between shedding a tear now and again and turning on the waterworks every time the camera is in your face.  Ray, we get that you’re leaving and we’re all sad to see you go, but for god sakes put the tissues away until you win it all.


“Mother always said I was the better coach…”

1. There will be no brotherly love this time around 

Call it “The Harbowl,” “The Superbaugh” or whatever creative name makes you happy, but for the first time in NFL history brothers will face off against each other to claim the ultimate prize.  Veteran coach John Harbaugh will lead his Baltimore Ravens into action while sophomore coach Jim Harbaugh will rally his San Francisco 49ers.  Both teams have shown signs of brilliance throughout the postseason and it will be very interesting to see who comes out on top.  However, with media day fast approaching, reporters cannot wait to unleash questions on the coaches to hear what one sibling has to say about the other. The gloves are coming off and we await the most anticipated post-game handshake of all time.

by Joey B


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