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The San Fransisco 49ers are your Superbowl 47 Champions

San Fran Win 2

And the winner of Superbowl 47 is……the San Fransisco 49ers! 

When the confetti finally descends from the Superdome rafters on Sunday night, it will be the boys in red and gold there to experience victory. San Fransisco’s drama filled season will end on a high note, while the Baltimore Ravens miracle run will fall one victory short of a championship. Now you may be asking yourself, “Joey, the game is on Sunday, how are you so sure about this?” Well friends, other than being an ancestor of Nostradamus, there are three key factors that prove why the Ravens won’t stand up to the 49ers on Super Sunday.


1.     Defense:  The Baltimore Ravens have long been the team known for their stingy and star-studded defense. With monsters like Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, and Ed Reed, it’s hard to argue against that. However, the year is no longer 2006, and the young 49ers defensive unit is the new cream of the crop. The Ravens offense unit seems to succeed when either Joe Flacco hands the ball to Ray Rice, or when he throws an absolute bomb to Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin, or Jacoby Jones. The 49ers have just the right guys to prevent them from executing. Justin Smith and Aldon Smith are two walls up front. As nimble and good as Ray Rice is, he will have a very tough time getting through these two, and I don’t see the Ravens O-line being able to control them all game. Even if Rice is able to find a hole, you have All-Pro talents Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman ready to feast on the 5’8” runningback. Now what if Flacco goes deep? Well, let’s just say the 49ers last win was against a team who employs Julio Jones, Roddy White, AND Tony Gonzalez (all of whom played extremely well in that game). Case closed.

Ray Rice

2.     Joe Flacco is NOT an elite QB: Yes, he’s in the Superbowl, and yes his career playoff record is 8-4, but all of a sudden he thinks he can demand a Drew Brees salary. What’s even more mind-boggling is that analysts around the league are saying “pay the man.” Are you F*@#!>* serious?!?! Is anyone watching what I’m watching, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!! You’re talking about a guy who has never thrown more than 25 TD’s in a season, who has never thrown less than 10 INT’s in a season, and who has only ONCE had a passer rating over 90 (93.6 in 2010). So to demand Drew Brees money (which would mean he would make more than Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, AND Aaron Rodgers) is absolute ludicrous! I wouldn’t put Flacco in the league’s top 5 QB’s, and just because he’s in the Superbowl does not make him instantly elite. A complete team wins a Superbowl.  The NFL needs to get it out of their heads that the quarterback of a Superbowl team is responsible for everything that his team accomplishes or does not accomplish. Legends like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have spoiled our current generation of football fans. Don’t believe me? Ask Trent Dilfer – quarterback of the Superbowl champion Baltimore Ravens in 2000 – how he’s doing.

Colin Kaepernick

3.     Colin Kaepernick cannot and will not be stopped: Watching him play throughout this year’s postseason has been something special.  It seems like nothing fazes this guy. He threw a pick-6 in his second career postseason attempt – something that could very easily destroy a young QB’s confidence.  Instead he picked himself up, and put on a show against the Green Bay Packers (If you haven’t watched his highlights in this game, go do that now).  Dan Patrick interviewed him this week, constantly addressing the fact that he has to be nervous, but the 6’4” 230 pound QB is just anxious to play in the biggest game of his career. It’s hard to believe the 25 year old made his first NFL start less than three months ago. His game has so many different aspects to it it’s unbelievable. He has a rocket arm with very good accuracy (he holds the leagues best completion percentage for passes over 20 yards), and his legs are something that freezes defenses. I will go out on a limb here and say if he stays healthy throughout his career, he will be one of the best two-dimensional quarterbacks to ever play.  Here’s a small tidbit that might get you agreeing with me: In Michael Vick’s 10-year career, he’s had 3 rushes of 50 or more yards. Colin Kaepernick has had 3 rushes of 50 or more yards since Week 13. Mind = blown.

There you have it, the reason the Lombardi trophy will head back to San Fransisco for the first time since January of 1995. Final score? 24-20.

by Joey B

San Fran Defence


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