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I was a duck


I was a duck, who sat on a desk.

Perched nobly between a globe and a miniature flagpole, I must admit, I felt regal.

All day I stared wide eyed with tranquility and inquiry, ready for any question.

Rarely did they ever come.

I lived with four others, who at times used the desk…but not as often as they’d like to…

Sometimes they sat, sometimes they read
Sometimes they stared out the window with dread.

…but not as often as they’d like to.

They typed furiously on computers. They forgot to plug in their chargers until the last minute and their computer died. They would release a momentary sigh of exasperation…and then laugh, remembering that with today’s cloud technology…

Ohh…(laughs) I’ll have to admit, I laughed at that one too a little…

It was in moments like this when I would give my most concerned looks.
Reaching out to wonder – are you sure you don’t need any help?

They often ran around, scrambling with haste,
Buying extra groceries that would just go to waste.

They would stare at their screens and hang on every word,
like “did I say the right thing…”, “should I call back that girl?”

But silent I sat, day in and day out,
Even when mad, I never would shout.

I fashioned myself a sort of noble duck.

Until one day…

I was knocked out of position.

Photo by Sandy Rossignol / Words by Aaron R.
Concept by both / Check out more of Sandy’s work here


One comment on “I was a duck

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